Die Fliege

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  • Categories: Scenography / Stage Design
  • Short film: "Triggered by the permanent buzzing of a fly, conflict run high, which boil between friends for a long time under the surface until the situation escalates, finally."
  • Credits: Schauspieler: Marco Sykora, Hans Leidescher, Félicia Eisenring, Joachim Aeschlimann und Lilli Lorenz Projektleitung: Claudia Baena Schauspielregie: Liliane Koch Drehbuch: Liliane Koch und Claudia Baena Kamera: Mira Andres und Claudia Baena Musik: Diego Westendarp Art Director, Set Design, Costume Design: Eloisa Avila Set Design und Maske: Monelle Schäfer Schnitt: Eloisa Avila und Claudia Baena Sound Design: Diego Westendarp Assistenten: Oscar Rueda, Michelle Badrutt, Lucian Heer und Andrés Villa Torres With foundings fro the ZHdk and Colectivo Macramé
  • Recognition: “fliege” has been selected by Credit Suisse Award Video Art in 2014 and aired during the Museum Night in Bern and Geneva. And in 2013 was presented in the Festival Theater in allen Räumen in Zurich

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