Fantoche France

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  • Date: 2013
  • Categories: Scenography / Stage Design
  • Client: Grünbaum Koblasa Livingmedia AG
  • Location: Baden, Switzerland
  • Short Description: Fantoche is on of the largest International Animation festivals. 2013 Fantoche focus is in France, the whole show was inspired by Le Tour de France.
  • .: Because LAG is aware of the waste generation, the entire stage was made of reusable materials: the Arch of the opening ceremony is made entirely of reused cardboard and the rest of the elements are made by found materials.
  • .: One of the main futures of this scenography was the feassiblity to transform the same elements of the oppening ceremony into the Podest for the Award winners. Fabienne Hardorm as Moderator and Gustavo Nañez with his life music performance

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