• Categories: Art and Design / Scenography / Stage Design
  • Project Name: HUM-AN-HUWO-MAN
  • Short Descriprion: HUM-AN-HUWO-MAN was a cross-dresser between visual art, sound installation and a softly choreographed sensorium theatre of grooving landscapes.

As our guest people may close their eyes, take a stroll or groove along with us.
  • Location: Probebühne A, Tony-Areal, Zürich.
  • The Team: Choreography : Magnhild Fossum // Sound and light composition ። Jeroen Visser // Spatial design : LAG + Colectivo Macrame: Eloisa Avila & Hans Leidescher; Assistant Spatial design ። Pablo Grossmann // Performers : Carla Doorn, Angelina Pina Ganzoni, Claudia Baena, Eirini Sourgiadaki, Myriam Gurini, Diana Rojas,

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