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1.    San Satiro a Milano

From Architecture into Paintings.
Hard to separate in Bramante’s work.
Optical illusions Between perspective and plasticity… Where  sacral scenography and architecture melt to composed an image , a space turned into a daydream



2.    Level of Detail:
Splines vs. Polylines

The definition and resolution of the curves in Bramante’s buildings have a much higher definition than many contemporary buildings where the curves can only be seen as a curve from a certain distance. As soon as you get closer you loose the curve which becomes a polyline. This makes me want to think about the way of how  this stone elements  have been produced, not only in situ but also close to the piece which was being built.
Following at this stage  the build building rather than the plans.



3.    Organigram

It seems to be that Bramante wasn’t always involved in the direction of the execution, it would be very interesting to know  how did Bramante generally worked, did he coordinated the craftsmen?  Did he have a right hand Team  of artisans who traveled with him  to the different project sites? Or rather the clients organized the execution of the building with locals. If the last one would have been the case, we can say, that at that times there was a general very high quality skilled craftsmanship all over Italy.


All images © Hans Leidescher

  • Categories: Teaching
  • Place: Instituto Svizzero a Roma
  • Date: 2014

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