Mas Vale Ciento Volando

Mas Vale ciento Volando is an interactive installation that recounts a  real pleasure of childhood: kicking the fallen leaves of the trees.

Using a web cam and a code in the computer, the motion of the papers on the air is transform into a light-audio stimulus.

In terms of interaction, the more the people interacts with the piece and with each other, the more stimulus the piece gives back.


mas-vale-ciento-volando-04mas-vale-ciento-volando-06mas-vale-ciento-volando-07The Modelmas-vale-ciento-volando-08 mas-vale-ciento-volando-09

Interactive Interface Diagrammas-vale-ciento-volando-12

The Set Up Process:

mas-vale-ciento-volando-13   mas-vale-ciento-volando-16


  • Categories: Art and Design / Art Installation

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