Renovation Art Museum St. Gallen Competition 1st Prize

03_Haus_Aussen 02_kleinerSaal01grosser_Saal 00_Hauptbild_grosserSaal_Modell  04_Schnitt_Unterstockung 05_GR_Unterstockung

  • Categories: Architecture / Art and Design / Competition
  • Date : 2012
  • Project: Competition 1st Prize together with PARK AG
  • Description: The Art Museum of Johann Christoph Kunkler of 1877 and the reconstruction of Marcel Ferrier from the 1980s are the starting point. How to deal with both substances adding a second intervention to the building which responds to all the actual curatorial and logistical needs a contemporary Museum requires without neglecting any characteristic of the existing building? This has been the biggest challenge. In response to that, the new intervention re-adapts the underground level of the building by following the anatomy of the upper floors, and through new incorporated vaulted spaces the exposure conditions in terms of light and space improves significantly.

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