Swiss Luxury Home

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  • Categories: Architecture / Residential
  • Size: 2'260m2
  • Client: Privatklinik Weinberg AG
  • Cost: 22.5 Mio CHF
  • Date: 2014
  • Project: feasibility study
  • Collaborators: Hans Leidescher, Andres Silva
  • Description: Generous spaced apartments closed to the Lake of Constance in the city of Kreuzlingen. One luxury apartment per floor. At the ground-level surrounded by a beautiful garden while the upper levels enjoy a two big terraces in opposite directions giving each apartment own privacy detaching the social areas from each apartment from its neighbors. the buildings consist of pilled up volumes turned each floor up to 90 degrees creating terraces and cantilevers giving to the building a very articulated and modern appearance. Big formatted windows and playful but elegant surface materials enhance the modernity of the building

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